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Shea Moisture

The Objective

Share the behind the scenes of a purpose-led brand

Contemporised website in a campaign to build greater awareness of SheaMoisture’s commitment to giving back to
the community as a socially responsible business striving to make a difference.


UI UX Lead

Ux Researcher


1 year


London, UK

New York, USA

First steps

The Process

• 10 stakeholder interviews run across 2 weeks

I identified common user behaviours and experiences with tasks that the product/service is trying to address.

Stakeholder Interviews

• Heuristic evaluation

• Content audit

• Competitor analysis 

• Scope & role responsibility


I analysed the observations and synthesised them in order to define the core problems that we have identified up to this point.​

Design and Prototype

Slide 16_9 - 50-min.jpg

The SheaMoisture story

The Outcome

Designed 15 engaging pages, spotlighting SheaMoisture's $10M+ community contributions and support for Black-led businesses, driving customer engagement through strategic storytelling.


Re-organised the information architecture, elevating key insights from underutilized annual impact reports to amplifying message reach and influence.

30+ years of investments and funding for the black/brown community

$10 mil

individuals impacted by the SheaMoisture ethical sourcing program


designed to share the SheaMoisture impact on the community

15+ pages 

Frame 25285-min (1).png

The campaigns

The Outcome

Enhanced Homepage

The Outcome

Optimized the user journey with intuitive navigation, leading to an immersive exploration of SheaMoisture's brand ethos and purpose-led actions.

show the amazing work the brand does behind the scenes 


highlight products in-stock and focus on their benefits

Best sellers

Curl Guide- a personalized product discovery experience, rooted in user-centric design and educational engagement.

Boost sales

See more case studies

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