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Premier League Squad Planner

The Objective

A cutting-edge squad planner for premier league teams

Created and delivered a cutting-edge squad planner for a Premier League team that is instrumental in shaping the trajectory of their future planning, influencing high-stakes investments and long-term talent acquisition


UI UX Lead

Ux Researcher


6 months


London, UK

First steps

The Process

• Close collaboration with the team

• Comprehend the intricacies of squad planning

• Competitor research

In-depth research

• Simplified complex data while delivering an intuitive interface for player profiles

• Present to stakeholders mood-boards and versions of the tool for validation

Iterations and stakeholder updates

• Analysed the observations and synthesised them in order to define the core problems that we have identified up to this point.​

• High fidelity prototyping, ready for development

Design and Prototype

Premier squad planning solution

The Outcome

The planner's sophisticated analytics and visualization features have become an indispensable asset for the group, supporting pivotal decisions with robust data and projections.

that is integral to the decision-making of the organization

Bespoke tool

that translates into smarter, more profitable team management decisions.

Analytical depth

Enhances the negotiation power in transfer markets, enabling a potential reduction in multi-million-dollar missteps


for nurturing talent across their global network

Long-term vision

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