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Edit Suits

The Objective

A new way to enjoy the made-to-measure experience

Elevated Edit Suits' market positioning from a basic to a premium brand image, leveraging my creative assets to significantly boost sales. The challenge was to showcase not only a product but a service : the made-to-measure experience.


UI UX Lead



Creative Director


3 years


London, UK


360 Campaigns

The Outcome

Produced a suite of professional videos that narrated the brand's story

Photography and videography

Designed assets for:

• Facebook and Google ads

• Newsletters

• Print

Marketing assets

• High fidelity prototypes for the website and self-measure tools

• Newsletter templates

Design and Prototype


Creative Direction

The Outcome

Curated a premium visual language through photography that redefined the brand's identity and played a key role in the upscale market positioning of Edit Suits.

Directed and produced professional visual assets that narrated the brand's story, fostering a deeper connection with the brand narrative.

Brand identity​

The assets delivered tangible ROI, becoming essential in the brand's successful advertising and social media strategies

Tangible ROI

delivering a competitive edge in the bespoke tailoring industry

Impactful campaigns

Social media assets

The Outcome

Innovated the brand's digital touchpoints, crafting visually striking newsletters and social media campaigns. 

Self-measure tool

The Outcome

Being a customer facing service, during Covid the brand had to re-assess their business model. The self-measurement tool I developed was pivotal in transitioning the brand to a digital-first business model, preserving sales momentum despite global retail disruptions.

Easy to use interfaces and detailed illustrations, ensuring accuracy and ease for users measuring at home

Intuitive UX/UI

The tool retained customer engagement and also expanded the brand's reach to those preferring the safety of online shopping.

Brand reach

which translated complex tailoring measurements into simple, user-friendly visuals

Bespoke illustrations

The success of the self-measurement tool was reflected in customer retention rates and the sustained opening of new stores amidst a challenging economic climate.

New stores

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