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Degree | Unilever

The Objective

Pushing the limits of design thinking for Degree

Enhance the website's user experience, with a particular emphasis on making it easier to find products and content and to navigate the site.


UI UX Lead

UX Researcher


1 year


London, UK

Brazil, USA

First steps

The Process

Identified common user behaviours and experiences with tasks that the product/service is trying to address.

Stakeholder Interviews

• Heuristic evaluation

• Content audit

• Competitor analysis 

• Scope & role responsibility


I analysed the observations and synthesised them in order to define the core problems that we have identified up to this point.​

High Fidelity Prototypes

21382032 1_edited.png

Innovative Filtering system

The Outcome

The current system was out-of-date, difficult to use, and unsuitable for our wide range of customers.​​

The result is a filtering system which is user-friendly, accessible, and gender-neutral. The labelling is clear and succinct so that people could easily comprehend their selections.

boost in product detail pages,attracting a significantly larger digital audience


the first gender neutral filtering system in the Unilever portfolio

gender neutral

easy to use and filter through a wide range of deodorants, based on personal needs and preferences


The Campaigns

The Outcome

Degree launched a new range of Unisex Deodorants; This page's objectives were promoting sales and creating hype for the launch while effectively showcasing the product.

I used a range of interactive elements, such scroll-controlled animations, to add a sense of surprise and delight for users. 

The Metathon™ was an inviting experience that introduces the first-ever adaptive wearables in Decentraland, such as a wheelchair and running blades to increase representation in movement.

I helped design the landing page in record-time and helped the event gain momentum and recognition

Design System Ownership

The Outcome

I assisted in editing a cohesive and consistent design system that not only enhanced the user experience but also made the website more accessible for all users, while collaborating closely with the branding team and using the branding book as a foundation.

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