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British Airways

The Objective

Redefining the user experience of British Airways

Conduct the development of a comprehensive design system for British Airways, aligning cross-functional teams and establishing a unified creative workflow. Set a visionary course for British Airways' premium market positioning.


UI UX Lead

Design System Manager


6 months


London, UK

Collaborative environment

The Process

As a Design System Manager, I helped reduce communication barriers between large teams of Designers and Developers 

350+ professionals

Facilitated Agile ceremonies, such as alignments, stand-ups and sprints, to improve communication and empower colleagues to come up with initiatives.

Agile methodology

Mentored a diverse team of designers, showcasing  expertise in creating a unified, efficient, and user-centered design approach.



Design System

The Outcome

Developed a comprehensive design system and component library in a record 3 months. I helped enable a more agile development process, with the design system supporting rapid prototyping and iterative design improvements.


The design system player a pivotal role in accelerating the project timeline, contributing to the early realization of project goals.

reduction in design and development time, by providing a single source of truth for design components.


reduce in design inconsistencies, ensuring a unified and cohesive user experience across the British Airways digital platform.


Successfully implemented the design system within 3 months, setting a record for rapid and effective execution.

3 Months

New Branding Exercise

The Outcome

Initiated a rebranding project for the British Airways website, working alongside brand and marketing teams.

The rebranding initiative contributed to creating an immersive digital experience, making the British Airways website not just a booking platform but a gateway to the brand's story.

Created and presented three mood boards to stakeholders


the rebranding exercise played a crucial role in securing continued stakeholder support, vital for the sustained progress and expansion of the project.

Stakeholder support

The new brand design demonstrated a commitment to innovation, positioning British Airways as a forward-thinking leader in the aviation industry.


Aimed to contribute to a positive shift in brand perception, paving the way for increased customer engagement and loyalty.

Customer loyalty

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