I have a reputation for creating smart and effective design for a variety of companies

UI / UX  Designer


UI Design

8+ years experience in digital and UI design for premium brands

UX Design

From conducting user research and cultivating empathy for users, to presenting, testing and iterating on prototypes and wireframes.


I help brands understand their strengths and weaknesses and build a stronger relationship with their customers

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UI UX Design and Consulting

A complete analysis and re-design of an Australian bridal jewellery brand 

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I helped the brand understand the strengths and weaknesses of the website. I created a new design -> wireframes -> prototype which heavily relies on in depth research based on their current customer journey and also on competitors, surveys and analytics.

Work in progress, the next step is to perform A/B/ testing

UI UX Design and Consulting

QuickMeasure Tool

The Quick Measure tool which helps customers create their perfect size in 30 seconds


An extremely useful tool created during the pandemic which allows customers to measure themselves instead of booking a physical appointment. 

Along with the founders, I sketched the tool from scratch, creating illustrations, wireframes and finally hand it over to the developers.

QuickMeasure Tool

Brand identity and guidelines

From user personas to custom design elements, I help brands define their unique identity

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I help brands define a unique identity and form meaningful long-term relationships with customers through thoughtful and smooth customer experiences.

Brand identity and guidelines

The process




"People ignore design which ignores people"

Great design is innovative, useful, aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive, honest, long lasting and very empathetic towards the customer.









For the last years of working primarily with premium brands, I aimed to convey the feel of the item as accurately as possible through my work. Design is the first interaction between the customer and the product which is why as a designer I decided to focus my attention on the customer journey and facilitate their way through the .