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Photography & Videography 

The Process

Product definition

• Gather insights about business goals
• Thinking about the key aspects and value propositions of the product: what it is, who will use it, and why they will use it. 
• Creating an early mockup of the future product

Product research

In-depth interviews provide qualitative data about the target audience, such as their needs, wants, fears, motivations, and behaviour.
Competitive research to understand industry standards and identify opportunities for the product within its particular niche.


User personas: realistic representations of the target audience.
Storyboarding: a story about a user interacting with your product.


Sketching : a broad range of design solutions 
Creating wireframes:  the foundation for mockups and prototypes.
Prototypes : a simulation of the product 
Creating a design specification: all of the visual design assets required for developers to turn prototypes into a working product.
Creating design systems:  components, patterns, and styles that help both designers and developers stay on the same page regarding the design.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Image by Annie Spratt


• Team members should try using the product on a regular basis, completing routine operations to uncover any major usability flaws.
Testing: moderated/unmoderated usability testing, focus groups, beta testing, and A/B testing.
Surveys: open-ended questions like “What part of the product you dislike?” 
• Analytics : clicks, navigation time, search queries, etc. from an analytics tool to uncover how users interact with your product.

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