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Stakeholder Interviews  |  Story Pages  |   High fidelity prototyping  |  Accessibility checks


SheaMoisture is transitioning to a headless commerce solution, which allows for greater flexibility and scalability in terms of customising the user experience. The goal was to provide a digital experience that effectively informed the users about SheaMoisture's brand identity and purpose. I sought to establish a sense of connection and authenticity that would resound with their audience and motivate them to act through the use of compelling stories, captivating imagery, and easy navigation.


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Stakeholder interviews

• 10 stakeholder interviews run across 2 weeks

The interviews helped me and my team understand the company’s needs, goals and frustrations.
We Identified common user behaviours and experiences with tasks that the product/service is trying to address.


• Heuristic evaluation

• Content audit

• Competitor analysis 

• Scope & role responsibility

We gained insight on investing in new features and functionality after running a full heuristic evaluation and website analysis.

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Design & prototype

• High fidelity prototypes

I analysed the observations and synthesised them in order to define the core problems that we have identified up to this point.​

I, then, designed the initial prototypes, simulating real interactions. My team helped restructure the website and bring more storytelling into play

The outcome

About pages

• 14 interactive pages

• Improved information architecture

• Accessible design

I improved the customer's flow and exploration of the brand's influence and story. These pages were created using interactive features and visual communication to enhance the user experience while keeping navigation and readability in mind.

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The Curl Guide

• Visual communication

• Educational page

• Product recommendations

This guide was designed to be an interactive and user-friendly resource that would enable customers to easily identify their curl type.

I worked closely with SheaMoisture's experts to research and identify the different types of curls that exist and the unique characteristics of each type. I then developed a system for classifying curls and combined a series of images, animations and descriptions that would help customers determine their own curl type. 

curl guide.png
Homepage & navigation

• Visual communication

• Educational page

• Product recommendations

Using my expertise in information architecture and user-centered design, I reorganised the content and simplified the navigation for a better user flow


Project update

The end result was a collection of 15 pages that perfectly encapsulated SheaMoisture's distinctive history and mission and aided in strengthening the relationship between the company and its clients. I created a well defined curl guide to help customers find the right product for their hair type. 


I am happy of the work I did on this project because I think it exemplifies how effective UX design can be in producing memorable and powerful experiences.

We are going live very soon!

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