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Creative directing   |   Quick Measure tool   |   UI UX Design   |   Digital Design


I worked closely with the brand and try alternative ways to portray the service and product to a specific audience.

We upgraded the look and feel of the brand and created content for more than a year.

The challenge was to showcase not only a product but a service : the made-to-measure experience.

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Creative Directing

• 360 Fashion campaigns 

• Photography and videography

• Moodboards and guidelines

I directed, photographed and designed 360-degree campaigns that improved the brand's appearance and feel across various platforms and touchpoints. I created unified and effective campaigns that effectively communicated the brand's messaging. I  worked closely with the marketing teams to ensure that the campaigns were consistent and effective across all channels, including social media, email marketing, and website design.

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Posters _ ApplicationsApplication 1 1.jpg

Photography and videography​

• Studio and model scouting

• Creation of mood-boards

• Professional photography and videography 

• Professional retouching

I was in charge of producing visual content that complemented the brand's messaging and ideals. I also handled the post-production procedure, which included editing and retouching. 

Quick Measure Tool 

• Visual communication

• Educational page

• Product recommendations

I designed a tool that is simple to use even for those who have little experience getting their own measurements.


This tool makes the ordering process more easy and accessible by enabling customers to order a suit that fits them precisely while also reducing the need for in-person fittings.


Content creation ​

Visual communication

• Video editing & animation

• Product recommendations

I improved the brand's online visibility and increased engagement with their target audience by using my expertise in visual design to produce a variety of eye-catching and on-brand graphics, photos, and videos.


These resources not only attracted potential customers' attention but also helped the company become a market leader in the made-to-measure sector.


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